Creating your own MMC Strategy

Creating the correct strategy is vitally important to your business success. We must start with the end vision and plan from there to achieve the full value of the MMC process. MMCC are globle leaders in MMC integration.

What we do.

We begin every project with an in-depth feasibility study to ascertain exactly the client’s needs and what levels of output can be expected. We can then move into the design phase where we consider construction methodology, build design, production methodology, facility design & layout.

Once this stage is complete and we fully grasp the intended outcome we will then run a facility output simulation to insure production targets can be meet efficiently and cost effectively.
We then guide our client through the facility build process and assist in writing all documentation such as WHS, SOP’s ITP’s. Once in live production will assist PM in manufacturing first projects to insure the system and process are efficient and working to its full potential.
We then have the capability of managing the build process from start to finish ensuring MMC can offer a complete turnkey system for our clients.



Once the facility is set up and commissioned the real fun can start. MMCC can be involved with the first project to insure the facility is running as efficiently as designed and to assure all documentation has be integrated as intended.


MMCC offer a range of different short courses to help teams understand the principles of MMC and how to implement them.

Advice & Support

  • MMC Consulting will be available for advice and support via phone, email or in person. We pride ourselves on our communication with our clients. This is what keeps our business running.
  • Contact us +61 421 724 559

Business support

If you’re looking for advice during any stage of your project please feel free to contact us +61 421 724 559. No matter how stringent or demanding your requirements are we recommend solutions that address them to your complete satisfaction, we will give you recommendations that suit your business and your budget.
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